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Freeland Orchestra

Rehearsing in Stanton Harcourt,
Near Witney, Oxfordshire

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If you’d like to try the orchestra, come along with no obligation to do anything other than enjoy yourself and play a few notes!


Please contact the conductor before coming to ensure there is music available for you.

Woodwind players


We currently have a fairly full woodwind section but are still keen to hear from local players interested in joining.



“The thought of starting at Freeland Orchestra, 20 years after last picking up my bassoon,  was quite daunting but the joy of making music again soon overtook any feelings of anxiety.”   

Clare (Bassoon)



Check out  WOW
(West Oxfordshire Winds)
For wind players of all ages and of grade 4 to 8+ standard.


(West Oxfordshire Clarinets)

For clarinettists Grade 6 and above.



(West Oxfordshire Learners)

For beginner wind players of all ages, up to Grade 4 standard.