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Rehearsing in Eynsham, Near Witney, Oxfordshire

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July 3rd 2009

“On a lovely sunny evening  the Joint Summer Concert by Freeland Orchestra and Pupils of Wendy Marks was a gloriously happy, community event. Nearly every seat was taken in the village hall as friends, family, neighbours, residents and visitors enjoyed the cheerful repertoire from the 18 strong orchestra and solo performers. The orchestra made a lovely big sound through dance tunes by Delibes, Strauss, Morand and Karl Jenkins perfectly punctuated by some excellent percussion playing. The brave soloists all played really well, many of whom had only been learning a short while. All of this was the rewarding result for the enthusiasm and hard work of conductor/teacher and accompanist Wendy Marks. Well done! With free admission and cakes at the interval, I can safely say that a good time was had by all. There is nothing quite as heart warming as watching keen amateurs, young and old, put their practice into performance, so look out for the winter concert at the beginning of December, and feel the warm glow of pride from the grandparents sat next to you! ”   Morag Crowther



Léo Delibes – Le Roi S’Amuse (1. Gaillarde 2. Lesquercade 3. Passepied 4. Finale)

Bizet – Habañera (from Carmen)

Johann Strauss – Tales from the Vienna Woods

Prosper Morand – Trepak (Russian Dance)

Johann Strauss – Annen Polka

Karl Jenkins – Come Dancing Suite (1. Foxy Trot 2. Tango Time 3. Wendy’s Waltz 4. Rumbastious)


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