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Rehearsing in Stanton Harcourt,
Near Witney, Oxfordshire

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Freeland Orchestra July 2011

Joining the Freeland Orchestra for two terms on a maternity cover position has been for me a brilliant reconnection with orchestral playing. Even during the first rehearsal, I was part of the orchestra and it was clear everyone is there because they love what they do and are comfortable in the setting.

As the conductor, Wendy’s musicality, clear direction and focus on detail brings out the best in the players whilst not creating an environment of pressure.

Following the concert last Saturday, my position has ended now, but I wanted to thank Wendy for the opportunity of playing and for reminding me just how much I love orchestral playing. I also wanted to thank the orchestra for being themselves; a group of absolute individuals from all walks of life who just enjoy getting together to create this things we call music.  (Dawn - flute)